About WLTS

A technology enhanced UK wide recruitment company delivering temporary, agency and contingent labour solutions

Using state of the art and bespoke recruitment and labour management software WLTS is ideally placed to rapidly deploy personnel to a wide range of sectors. Recently engaged to deliver testing services through the pandemic we currently deploy over 2,500 staff nationwide and have over 20,000 applicants within our recruitment pipeline.

Our automated vetting solution guarantees right to work and criminality checks with 48hrs of interview ensuring large volumes of workers can be mobilised quickly with full compliance.


Why we are different

Our pre-deployment software automates recruitment administration allowing us to managed up to 50,000 applications
We have access through our sister company SSGC Ltd to a standalone vetting service allowing for fast turnaround checks including right to work and DBS. Plus we can complete BPSS, CTC and SC for Government buildings work
Our post deployment software automates scheduling ensuring easy management of your temporary, agency or contingent labour solution
Regional Resource Resilience reports
Want to know how well we are doing in your area. No problem, ask us for a resillience report and we will demonstrate our strength
Live candidate base
We have over 20k applicants within our pipeline, 5,000 of which have already completed right to work checks
Proof of presence with analytics
Our bespoke software visualises our current rources and our applicant pool.

Interested in a regional Resource Resilience Report?

Get a transparent view into our levels of resourcing and average time to hire in your area. Our analytics based approach saves you the time and effort engaging with a large number of recruiters. We can prove our presence in your area, and when needed, prove how long it will take us to recruit for you.

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WHO We are

Meet the Team

David Stubbs
Demelza Staples
Managing Director
James Pearson
National Operations Manager

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